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Exhibitor Benefits

Some of the unique benefits of participating in Bridalrama are:
  • A 10x10 booth space, complete with black & silver pipe & drape, company sign & carpeted. 


  • One (1) Full year on You company name will be listed along with contact information and a direct link to your website & email address.


  • Email list of EVERY bride that registered at the front door, with all of their contact information for you to follow up, will be emailed to you 5-7 business days after the show.  


  • Exposure to over 450+ brides in one-day Summer Show and 800+ brides in the Winter two-day show! Plus on average, each bride brings 3 guests (Mom, sister & best friend, etc).  


  • Opportunity to meet & network with vendors all over the tri-state!


  • We send you 100 complimentary tickets to give to your family/friends/clients/etc. These are a great way to promote your business and pass your business card out!

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