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Why Weddings?

The Wedding Industry

At Bridalrama these couples..

- are dealine driven and ready to purchase

- Making first-time purchases for many different major goods and services

- Shopping for their wedding, honeymoon and also their newly married lifestyle.

- Making lifelong relationships to the companies they visit.

Throughout the years the wedding market has proven itself to be:

- A $100 billion dollar industry, with 2.4 million marriages annually.

- A year-round, recession-proof opportunity to reach these customers

at a key decison-making time in their lives.

Why Participate in a Bridal Show?

We understand that the Internet and bridal publications allow for easy access to wedding professionals. However, Bridalrama gives the opportunity to meet face-to-face with local bride and grooms, experience their vision and style, and discuss the details of their big day. This personal marketing itself is invaluable.

Networking with Local Vendors

Another invaluable piece of the marketing puzzle is networking with other industry professionals. Connecting with other wedding professionals allows the opportunity to develop a mutually beneficial referral relationship. Bridalrama provides the best atmosphere to test market new products, packages, promotions and/or services because you can gauge the responses of hundreds of brides in just one afternoon.

Your Success Equals Our Success

At Bridalrama, we really care. We never forget that your success as a vendor, leads to our success.

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